Monday, March 11, 2013

The look back...


     School has started and with it comes the daily morning drive with my 11 year old son Sam to the loading zone for his car pool ride to school. It's a good time for father and son as I get about 15 minutes with just him at the start of each day. Sometimes we say nothing and that's ok, (it's a guy thing) and sometimes we talk of the day to come. Sometimes we sing along with the radio and sometimes we yell at the radio at the latest stupid thing we're hearing o
n the morning news report.
   But one thing has become consistent and I cherish it every's what I call the "look back". When it's time for him to go, we hug, say "love you", and tell each other to make it a good day. He shuts the door walks to his ride and just before he gets to the door he turns around one last time to smile and wave. I am always waiting to wave back.
   We've never talked about it or planned it, it's just something we've always done. There have been days when he hasn't done it, it's then I know he has something extra on his mind or is just excited about the day ahead, but nine times out of ten, I always get the look back, our eyes meet for that final goodbye. I love that little guy. I hope I always get the look back when his school days are long over and he's leaving with his wife and kids after a visit, but even if he doesn't, I'll always hesitate just that split second and at least remember when.......and that will be enough.

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