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Welcome friends, you've found my dog fence life reflections.
      In landing here you might have been searching for info on hidden, invisible fencing for your dog. You've landed in the right place because that is what I do and love! For just the facts on PetStop Hidden Fences  of which I am the Triad's authorized dealer through my company, Proline Hidden Fence, click on these links. 
     On this blog, you'll find a bit of dog fence "101" but often more related in just my personal reflections as I go through these precious days of life, picking up on little layers of knowledge in "seeking the kingdom." 
     If you are a little like me, you've found that you tend to search for folks to do business with that could also be somewhat of a friend as well. Whether it's your car mechanic, dentist, or plumber, you are looking for someone you like and can trust who also provides you a service. You are trying to find someone who's probably just like you, out there make a living, doing their best at life, maybe raising a family who has a personal stake in what they do. When you are lucky to find "business/friends", the line between life and business becomes blurred and starts to run together, which I've found is a good thing. I've never been great at separating aspects of my life or found it too mentally healthy when I tried. If in some ways you can relate, then you have definitely found the right hidden dog fence company. I know it probably goes against all "rules" of business blogging, but I guess I didn't build the business I have over the past years by following someone else's idea. I think it's called entrepeneurship? Doing it your way? 
And by the way, if you weren't looking for a company to provide you with a hidden, invisible dog fence, and just stumbled here,  you might still be in the right place!

P.S. When I use the term "invisible" above, I am using it as a descriptive term of what my fences are, as in, out of sight, hidden, not seen. I am not an Invisible Fence® Brand dealer and do not represent the Invisible Fence® Company in any way. In other words, I only represent Pet Stop® brand hidden fencing. (This is the part that some different voice usually comes on and says really fast. Boy, that guy sure has some job security.) The Invisible Fence company gets really steamed when someone like me uses what they consider is their word, ie "invisible". I don't know why they think I want to be them....when I'm still working on being me.
For the technical scoop on electronic pet containmet systems, find us at www.triadpetfence.com or be a fan of Proline Hidden Fence of the Triad at Facebook.

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