Tuesday, August 27, 2013

On freedom and giving up that plunder.

     The book of Exodus tells us that, God, Moses and the work of that wooden staff freed his people from dreary bondage and slavery under the Egyptians. Moses says to his peeps, we're outta here and while we're leaving what do you say we do a little plundering, like all that ill-gotten and perverted worldly gold that Pharoah and his boys have gained at the expense of our 400 hundred years in the mudpits. "Sounds good to us Mo." say the Israelites, just as the Egyptians come begging saying... "yes, yes, take anything you want, take the gold, just go...before another plague sets in". The Israelites high step it on out with great worldly wealth, but seeing how they are primitive camping in the desert, all that gold ain't all that valuable.... water and a meal would be better. Then God says, how about all you who I've given a heart to do so, give up the loot and watch me restore it and refine it into something so incredibly fine, intricate and pure that I could live there with you. (ie- the tabernacle). And so they do, so much so that Moses has to tell them to stop giving it up, God's got enough for what he wants to do.
     Great old testament story, except what's it got to do with dog fence guy....and then it occurs to me that maybe, just maybe, there's an allegorical lesson here as always seems to be the case with the Old Testament if you think of it in a spiritual, mystical, narrative kind of way.
     My loving Father, Jesus, and the work of the wooden cross freed me from the dreary bondage and slavery of my disobedience that puts me under the oppression of Evil. Jesus says, Freddy my man, we are outta here and while we go what do you say we do a little plundering and take back all those sweet treasures like love, intimacy, patience and kindness that you had before you fell and that the big evil one grabbed from you and perverted in his worldly way. "Sounds good to me Jeshua", just as the evil minions chime in pleading, "yes, yes, please take them, take anything you want, just go, before the light gets any brighter in here".
     So, here in the desert of life I've got all this love, kindness and patience, but it's tainted by the world and whenever I try to give it to somebody, it always whispers in my ear, "but what's in it for us?" The Father turns around and says, Freddo, since I've given you the Spirit, how about you just give me all that tainted love, intimacy, patience and kindness and watch me restore it and refine it into something so incredibly fine and intricate that I could live there with you. (ie. my heart) And so I try everyday to do just that because I know that I am loved with the perfect love of the Father that never ends nor stops.......and it is that untainted love that transforms we who believe and are giving up the world's gold, in exchange for a real and mystical union with Him. And it is that love from the Absolute Lover of our souls, that makes commitment and obedience to Him and only Him no burden at all but rather an all consuming and wonderful desire.

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